Real Reasons Behind Panic Attacks

December 9, 2016 § Leave a comment

Physical exhaustion is caused by a lot of factors like- poor nutrition, alcohol and drug abuse. It can also be caused by hormonal changes in your body such as perimenopause.Unlike mental exhaustion as well as emotional exhaustion are caused by excessive worrying and stress.Physical, mental and emotional exhaustion all contribute to anxiety. And anxiety may lead to panic attacks.If you think worrying thoughts, feeling jittery about your physical symptoms ( e.g. rapid heartbeat) or something external like a drop of glass or door slammed it may put you in a tailspin of anxiety then a downward spiral leading to full-blown panic attacks.
To counter-act this vicious cycle of anxious thoughts and to not be susceptible to any illness, you need to be able to learn wise management of stress. You need to be able to learn how to relax and just roll with the punches.Here are some techniques to battle stress, anxiety and eventually panic attacks. And do it the natural way without popping pills.Are you ready? Okay here goes:1.Use marjoram essential oil. This aromatherapy product is great for relaxing tense muscles when applied topically. It can relax muscles around the air ways helping you breathe easier when you inhale the vapors of marjoram essential oil. It can be trustful help for people with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. The effects of this oil makes you adopt a healthy attitude and handle your emotions better and deal with stress overload.

2 Equip yourself with your tools. Music, aromatherapy vials, water, charged cell phone, stuff animal to pet when anxious (if that’s your bag),mp3 player, crossword puzzle. Have them handy just in case the panic beast arrives.3.Reach out to others. Most anxious and depressed people are often isolated. They go on for days or even weeks without interacting with another human being. Yes, that’s true. The continued isolation will take a toll on you and will negatively affect your health. So go out there say hi to your neighbors. Call your friends. Seek out companionship either your family or online friends. Join support groups, baseball team or the drama club. Attend religious congregation or volunteer at your local charitable institution.I don’t mean you have to go from shy to social butterfly overnight. Just start small. Soon you will have a solid network of support. That’s means a lively existence and no more room for anxiety and panic.4.When the tide of panic waves in- start naming things in front of you especially when you are driving. Say: Red Porsche 911 turbo, Beach boys’ Surfin’ USA on the radio, power steering wheel, 4 wheel drive etc. By saying what you see- it will tell your brain to stay in the present and focus. Just relax and don’t fight off panic’s looming power.Take a deep breath and like a wave let panic wash its way back to the shore. While doing this remind yourself that there’s no edge you can fall off from panic. Remember that there’s no mythical panic point of no return. You are safe, period. Just push any “what if” thoughts out of your mind by distracting yourself.5. Break out of your usual routine. Doing the same things over and over again can be monotonous, boring or even nauseating. You have to sometimes go for novelty. New places, new hobbies, new faces, new food anything new can add spice to your life. So do something new:-drive around a new neighborhood-take up fly fishing-enroll in yoga class- rally a friend into exploring the mountains

-try that delicious Japanese food in the new restaurant that just opened-grab your DSLR camera and shoot random scenesNow go and think of some new ways that will spell adventure and excitement in your life.6.If you are a Christian, bask in the teachings of the Bible. Sit still. Pray. Read the Holy Scripture. Deepen your relationship with God. Take a moment and appreciate the blessings God showered upon you and your family.If you are not religious, embrace the power of the Universe or a supreme being and let the light of energy shine upon you. And feel good. Let go of past mistakes, betrayals and brokenness. Heal yourself.7.Allow yourself some leeway. By this I mean, allow recovery time when you plot your hectic schedule for the day. Set a buffer. Whether it be time, money or opportunity. Just stay cool when things don’t go your way. Sure, it’s easier said than done. But learn to deal with uncertainty. Those who can’t are more prone to fret, nag and are often restless and frustrated. Remember the mantra… “go with the flow”… life is smoother that way. Less tension. Less stress.


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